Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 114, Sunday, June 22nd

I feel like I did more than this today, but it must have been one of those days with less activity than it felt like.

3702 steps for 1.63 miles

AT miles: 363.63

YTD miles: 461.46

Or maybe the batteries are getting low on the pedometer. Hmm. I had better start looking for my spare just in case.


neils said...

Long weekend. Bonnie and I were at a AMC Presidents Society weekend in the White Mountains, so we are both pretty sore right now. But had a lot of fun.

To recap the last few days:

Thursday, road the bike for 20 minutes 6.8 and then an evening walk with Bonnie 1.5 . Total: 8

Friday, did 3 hours of trail work, lots of pruning and learned how to use a hazel hoe to clear dranage. I even used the pick axe to help make a water bar. In all we did about 3.5 miles. I played golf before we left for a total of: 5.5.

Saturday did an all day hike up Mt Jefferson, 3,000 feet of climbing a total of 8.5 miles. Excellent views and a minor down pour didn't even drench spirits. Bonnie and I did a short walk before bed for a total of 9.0.

Sunday, I was going to climb another mountain but Bonnie had signed up to tour the Weeks Estate (yes the Weeks from the Weeks Act that established the eastern national forests). It was a 30 minute drive to that so I went with her. Very good talk by the naturalist. Total of 3 miles. After we got home we did a 1.5 mile evening walk to try to get the kinks out of our legs. Total of 4.5

Total: 27
AT: 616.5

Valerie Comer said...

Back from Calgary. The father-in-law is hanging in there but they haven't found the bleed and aren't letting him out till they do (good thing!). So we're back home, back to work, back to waiting for the phone to ring.

Friday I walked in the morning, then the big drive, for a total of 5874 steps/ 2.42 miles.

Saturday I walked 14593 steps (6 miles) as lots of shops are within the area of the hospital!

Sunday we stopped off at the hospital before heading towards home. I logged some steppage in Ikea and more when we stopped a couple times to stretch our legs. Total for Sunday 6804 steps/ 2.8 miles.

AT: 403.91
YTD: 501.01

Bonnie said...

I think I've done 13.2 miles since I updated last, not counting a whole bunch of trips up and down stairs yesterday keeping the big puddle in the basement vacuumed up during the downpours...

June: 47.6
AT: 232.4
YTD: 279.3