Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 121, Sunday, June 29th

Thursday was a fairly normal day, ran 3.5 and walked with bonnie 1.5.

Long weekend in Michigan. Friday managed 2 miles of walking on walk in the evening with Bonnie and getting around the airport. Also road the stationary bike 8.2. During our walk we say some sand hill crains. One walked in front of an SUV and blocked his path for about 2 minutes. We weren't too sure how friendly he would be to us passing, but he didn't complain too much.

Saturday ran 3.25 or something like that, and walked 1.5. And Sunday ran 3.25 and just walked around the airport.

Total: 23
AT: 654


Bonnie said...

I've kind of lost track of where I'm at. I think I've averaged two miles a day for the last four days -- that might be kind of low, but probably close enough. So 8 miles since I posted last.

June: 60.4
AT: 245.2
YTD: 294.1

Jean said...

So-so day. 4619 steps for 2.47 miles. I did my Wii Fit time.

AT miles: 379.43

YTD miles: 477.26