Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 35

Got a walk in the morning--I wish it was really spring here. Still cold and windy, though it has stopped snowing. I had the afternoon off work, and about twenty minutes before hubby got off work, I headed out to meet him so I got another walk in there.

Today's steps: 8534/ 3.51 miles
AT: 125.56
YTD: 222.66


Margaret said...

Well, I wrote my first post ever because I launched AND refreshed the page and there was no day 35. But by the time I posted, there it was, so here's what I said before I deleted it :).

Wow, something's wrong with the universe and it isn't cause I'm shutting down early either. Hope everyone had a good day and is just too busy to post :).

Steps: 9331
Total Miles: 3.68
AT: 103.6
YTD Total: 168.18

Back to a normal school schedule finally so got my morning walk, then took a reasonable walk with Colin in the afternoon and did the WII workout. Not too bad :).

neils said...

Woke up today and it was raining. Strong tendency to just fold up the tent and do nothing or ride the excercise bike. But sometimes you just have to get out. Put on the rain suit and had a nice run. Not raining hard, the usual loop 3.5. Sometimes you feel like your getting away with something.

Evening walk was in a light rain 1.5

Total: 5
AT: 131.5

Heard a rumor that Bonnie and Meowser did over 5 miles on their walk through town on Saturday, but need to wait for confirmation.

Jean said...

Hi, EJ! Holding steady to hear the formal Bonnie and Meowser report.

This is a catch-up post:

30 Mar: 2749 steps; 1.21 miles (driving to Texas)
31 Mar: 9269 steps; 4.09 miles
1 Apr: 5094 steps; 2.5 miles
2 Apr: 14632 steps; 6.46 miles (walked Warrenton)
3 Apr: 8400 steps; 3.7 miles
4 Apr: 4718 steps: 2.08 miles
5 Apr: 6208 steps; 2.74 miles

(mostly moving boxes, tamping gravel, and doing yard work)

AT miles: 106.18
YTD Miles: 204.01