Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 49, April 18

My knee's been bothering so I didn't do much yesterday. Today I had about a mile, most of it around the kitchen preparing for tomorrow's hike.

AT: 102.7
ytd: 146.0


Valerie Comer said...

We're back to November weather here, cold and windy for my morning walk. Did a lot of pacing at work this morning, and I guess more walking at home. Not sure how I got this many steps, I didn't quite notice.

Today: 8692/ 3.57 miles
AT: 176.47
YTD: 273.57

Margaret said...

Steps: 3555
Total Miles: 1.36
AT: 145.64
YTD Total: 210.22

That's the stats for two days. Health issues. Hardly any walking and that at a crawl :p.

But did see a new bird we haven't identified. It's got a long neck with an even longer, and curved, bill. It's black in the back and mid-chest to head is all cinnamon brown.

the donG said...

i think that's good enough.

Maripat said...

Hugs Mar and Val. Take care.

Um...sorry to be gone for so long. Live sort of happened.

I know I've done at least seven miles over the last few weeks. More I'm sure but I can account for 7 marked on my counter.


AT: 93

YTD: 139

Yes, I had to go back and look for the count.

Claire said...

Ouch and hugs on the health stuff.

Yesterday was still nice here, and today is nice as well. Then tomorrow the colder/wet weather is coming.

Didn't get to much walking in aside from normal work related stuff. Mom came up to visit and we went to our writing workshop, and it was late when I got home. (that's alright though, it's always fun seeing mom and going to the writing stuffs).

Steps: 3826
Miles: 1.913
AT Total: 62.442