Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 46, Tuesday 15 April

Gorgeous day. Neil got off work early and we walked around the pond. We saw a couple of geese swimming far out in the water and a couple of really cute Scottish terriers getting ready to take their owner for a run-bounce-twisty walk.

And that puts me over 100 miles on the AT! Woohoo! At this rate, I might make it through North Carolina before winter!

today: 2.6
AT: 101.1
ytd: 144.4


Valerie Comer said...

Walked in the morning and again after pizza for supper (see Val eat stress relief...does it work?)

Today: 10123 steps/ 4.16 miles
AT: 166.07
YTD: 263.17

Margaret said...

Steps: 7039
Total Miles: 2.76
AT: 139.91
YTD Total: 204.49

Morning walk was cut short on account of snow blowing in my face and 32 or lower weather. Afternoon walk wasn't much better. It was cold and miserable all day :P.

Bonnie said...

Yikes Mar! I thought you were having spring before us!

neils said...

Another beautiful spring day. 3.5 mile run and 2.5 mile walk with Bonnie around the pond, it was just too nice to sit at work :)

Total: 6
AT: 197.5

EJ said...

Just me, catching up! Mileage has been sporadic lately. It would be good if I'd remember to put on the pedometer every day. So far I'm at 84.3 on the AT, and 131.48 YTD.

Bonnie said...

Nice progress, EJ!

Margaret said...

I was :). And apparently I'll be having it after you too ;).