Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 58, Sunday, April 27, 2008

I feel too crummy today. It's early, but I think I'm heading to bed.

2597 steps
1.58 miles
AT miles: 167.51
YTD miles: 265.34

Hope to see everyone at the campfire. I think I'm still short of the next shelter, so I'm going to snuggle into my sleeping bag with a big box of Kleenex and sleep. It does look like I've managed to trudge half-way up Carolina, though.


Bonnie said...

Sorry you're feeling crummy today, Jean. Would some chicken soup help? I made it yesterday and there's quite a bit extra. I can even heat it up on the camp stove.

We golfed today -- 14 holes. Yes, it's an odd length for a golf course, but what the hey. We guess about 3 miles.

AT: 113
ytd: 162.3

EJ said...

Feel better, Jean.

I got another 3 miles today.
AT: 109.8
YTD: 156.98

Valerie Comer said...

Good to see you, Jean, and sorry you're not feeling well. I just got back from a writers' workshop. Tried to walk on breaks and such:

Friday: 11005 steps
Saturday: 6247 steps
Sunday: 6093 steps
AT: 209.32
YTD: 306.42

Margaret said...

Hugs on the sickness, Jean. Hope you feel better soon.

Steps: 9474
Total Miles: 3.73
AT: 170.76
YTD Total: 235.34

The peregrine falcon is back now. Got a beautiful look at it this morning. Then this afternoon, we saw the goslings out of the water. They've gotten so big so quickly. And a bunch of ducklings were in the main pond too, the first time for this year. No question that mating is in the air between the loud calls and some interesting arial displays :).

Claire said...

Not to many steps as I spent most of my time working on my writing stuff.

Steps: 3800
Miles: 1.9
AT Total: 103.5345

Though I did hit over 100 on the trail! This past week has been pretty good to me step wise, I've had a few days over 10k. (2 of which are thanks to using the step calculator with housework, but hey not complaining).

BTW - I've updated the map on Friday.
(I updated it Friday around 5ish my local time, that was before the Friday step count post was posted)

neils said...

As Bonnie said, 3 miles of golfing. Congratulations to those who passed 100 and 200 mile marks!

Total: 3
AT: 274.5