Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 43--Saturday, April 12

Usual morning walk and then spent much of the day finishing the yard raking. I'm paying for it now!

Today's steps: 10320/ 4.24 miles
AT: 155.6
YTD: 252.7


Margaret said...

Steps: 7808
Total Miles: 3.08
AT: 130.72
YTD Total: 195.3

Instead of my morning walk, I got some errands done, then went for an evening walk by myself. My it was warm today :).

Bonnie said...

2.5 miles around the pond, another mile in Boston going to the sympthony, for 3.5 total. We managed to avoid getting rained on even though the day was pretty wet.

AT: 93.7
ytd: 137