Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 36--April 5

Today I did my usual walk in the morning, then a fair bit of yard work. Too bad I can't count all my arm motions (raking) as steps! I'd be like 20,000. Or something.

Today: 7469 steps/ 3.01 miles
AT: 128.57
YTD: 225.73


Margaret said...

Steps: 2542
Total Miles: 1
AT: 104.6
YTD Total: 169.18

Busy day with family stuff and guests over. I didn't manage a single walk :p.

Claire said...

Thanks for putting the date in the title with the day, makes it less confusing now that we've moved into April.

Not to much walking yesterday, just got steps from laundry and going out to get cat food.

April 5th: 2529 steps 1.296 miles
AT: 35.7345 miles

neils said...

Visited UMass Amherst with David, walked for ever, but I think only around 2 miles total. Ran 3+, but averaged it to 5 total.

Total: 5
AT: 136.5