Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 41 -- Thursday, April 10

Got in two decent walks today, plus more activity at work than usual, for total step count of 10740/ 4.42 miles
AT: 147.82 (heh, Sassafras Gap Shelter sounds cool!)
YTD: 244.92


Margaret said...

Steps: 9519
Total Miles: 3.75
AT: 122.99
YTD Total: 187.57

Two walks with nothing special except steps.

neils said...

First real spring day of the year. Temp was up to 72. Was going on my normal run, when ran into Yidong (another hiker, or just someone from work? :) )

Any way we ended up going 5.5 at a brisk pace.

Still enjoying the nice weather Bonnie and I went to play golf. Finally saw some wildlife, as 2 deer ran across the course twice. Also saw lots of geese.

Total: 7.5
AT: 170

meowser said...

Just plodding along. I couldn't take advantage of the beautiful weather so most of my walking was around campus at work. The only wildlife I saw was a coyote decoy used to scare the geese away.

Wednesday: 2.3 miles
Thursday: 3.5 miles

AT: 111.2 miles

Bonnie said...

I'm behind on reporting. I got 4.5 since Tuesday, some of it playing golf and a lot of it running around doing errands and such.

AT: 90.2
YTD: 133.5