Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 48, Thursday, April 17

Yay, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Enjoyed the nice warm sunny day today and the hubby and I went walking after we ate lunch. Ran into other co-workers (seeing as how we were walking at work - working at a college does have the advantage of having nice areas to walk around).

I haven't updated in awhile, which kind of makes this a catch up post, but I'll spare you my all my step counts from the days I missed.

Thursday 4-17
Steps: 7631
Miles: 3.8155
AT total: 60.2925

Hard to believe I've walked 60 miles in a month (first day on my spreadsheet is March 17th).


EJ said...

2 days, 2 miles. It will start picking up soon--I'll be gardening.

AT: 86.3
YTD: 133.48

Valerie Comer said...

Went for a good morning walk. Day at work was busy and stressy. Still no hot water tank. Hubby did a bunch of pruning today so I hauled branches to the burning pile when I got home.

Today's steps: 7904/ 3.25 miles
AT: 172.9
YTD: 270

neils said...

Trying to take it easy on the knee, but not reall succeeding. Even though it was a nice day I stayed in doors and rode the stationary bike 9.95. Steven came over to wash his car and we ended up playing 9 holes of golf for another 2 miles. Was too late then for an evening walk

Total: 12
AT: 213

So I've made it a tenth of the way. but life is long and each trail leads to another, so I don't think its much to celebrate about. but we should enjoy lifes little tryumphs.