Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 54, Wednesday, April 23

A walk in the morning, a busy day at work, and a short walk at noon hour netted me:

Steps: 8497/ 3.49 miles
AT: 195.08
YTD: 292.18


neils said...

Was lucky to get out at all today. Had a 10-12 meeting added to my schedule, and it only ended at 12 because someone else had the room. Ran 3 miles to get back for a 1:00 meeting that got cancelled because of network problems. So the usual, hurry for now reason :)

Total: 3.0
AT: 239

I have to agree with Margaret that while I didn't like the book that much in a way it is inspiring. I did like the idea that you accomplish a lot by just starting out. And I could relate to "we walked because that is what we do". One coudl use that logic for almost any activity that you start to enjoy.

Bonnie said...

Like writing.

Headache stayed in the background, which was good. I got about a mile walking to and from various parking lots.

AT: 104.3
ytd: 153.6

I'm really plodding these days. Got to get back on track.