Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 47, Wednesday, April 16

Cold again today, which lowers my enthusiasm a little. Extreme heat will no doubt have the same effect. Can't wait to find out! :P Dragged hubby out for a short walk after work. He'll soon be working out of town again, so the days for walking together will be limited again.

Today: 8716 steps/ 3.58 miles
AT: 169.65
YTD: 266.75


Margaret said...

I walked all last summer. The trick was to walk at 6:30 before the sun comes up and then again in the evening when it's down. That's when it's most pleasant :).

Steps: 11094
Total Miles: 4.37
AT: 144.28
YTD Total: 208.86

The highlight of my walks today was seeing 7 goslings swimming after a pair of Canadian geese. They look just like the fluffy yellow chicks that go in Easter baskets :). Other than that, I went on two walks, did a good bit of pacing, and a lot of walking for errands to end up with a surprising total.

neils said...

Beautiful day, bright sunshine, temps in the mid 60's. Ran 3.5 did pilates in the evening. Left knee has been acting up lately, probably just biking today.

Total: 3.5
AT: 201

Bonnie said...

A hang-around-the-tent sort of day. I did a little light yoga and got a short walk from the parking lot to my guitar lesson.

today: .6
AT: 101.7
ytd: 145.0

meowser said...

Nothing but walking around the house and at work for the past couple of days. Which is really too bad because the weather has been stunning for the past two days. I really wish I could get out.

AT: 125.9 miles

EJ said...

Val, he's not going back to work at the mine, is he?