Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 50 - April 19

The rain is finally clearing out, so I'll be getting some yard work in soon. That should help the mileage. I also discovered today that my pedometer works better when I hook it to a belt instead of my jeans. It stays level better and actually counts ALL the steps!

Today: 2.2 miles
AT: 89.5
YTD: 136.68


Margaret said...

Steps: 7830
Total Miles: 3.08
AT: 148.72
YTD Total: 213.3

Two walks around the pond. The great white heron is back and the poor thing tried to escape my hubby with the camera but flew into the winds which were powerful. It gave up after a few minutes of basically flying with full strength and not moving forward at all. Let the wind take it the other direction finally.

neils said...

Friday, played normal Friday golf 2 miles. Went to Red Sox game with Meowser, walked 1 mile each way from the Pru Center. Total of 4 (we did win!).

Saturday, had a family hike at the Sleeping Giant State Park in CT. Moewser hosting. Didn't see any animals, but it was 75 and we all got tired. Lots of climbing, we estimate 6 miles. All had fun and ice cream afterwards.

Total both days 10
AT: 223

Off to Pittsburgh for a college visit with David, probably take a 0 today. I'll be back on Tuesday.

Bonnie said...

I didn't get as many miles as Neil and Kat because I took the short way down. We hiked at Sleeping Giant in CT, which has a lot of up and down and rock scrambling, and my knee gave out. Some ice and rest and it's okay, but I'm glad I didn't try to go the extra couple of miles.

Saturday: 4 miles
AT: 106.7
ytd: 150.0

Valerie Comer said...

Woke up Saturday morning to a blizzard. It was about five degrees below freezing, snowing, and the wind howled straight out of the east. I took a look out the window, looked at the thermometer, and stayed indoors. I did get a walk later in the afternoon when the wind had died down some.

Steps: 5943/ 2.44 miles
AT: 178.92
YTD: 276.02

meowser said...

Just normal activity on Thursday. Lots of being stuck in a control room with not much walking. Total of 2.2 miles.

Friday was a Red Sox game. I never realized that parking in the Pru resulted in a 1 mile walk to Fenway. It's such a nice and easy walk that I never realized that it was a full mile. Total: 2.75 miles.

Saturday was the first real hike of the season to get in shape for the year. It was warmer than I was expecting for mid-April, but it was very enjoyable. I took the difficult trail for the first part of the day - lots of rock scrambling. Quite a feeling of accomplishment in completing that. 6 miles for the day. Along with both ice cream (at a great place that made their own ice cream called Wentworth's Ice Cream) and a lovely dinner at Ruth's Chris to celebrate the birthdays of my dad and brother.

AT: 136.9 miles