Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 52, Monday, April 21

Another warm day here, it was in the mid 70s and sunny. The hubby and I went on a lunch walk, then we walked around some more after work.

Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning, so I used the steps calculator on the eat well live well (challenge we are doing at work) site.
Steps: 18601
Miles: 9.3005

AT Total:79.6655

Woo, I'm in North Carolina.

Would type more, but my fingers are sore from the bead wire.


Valerie Comer said...

I didn't get an early walk today, but hubby was very willing to go for a long walk after work. We walked to the irrigation channel and then north along it for a reasonable distance, seeing a beaver in the water, a Rocky Mountain bluebird perched on a bullrush, and a coyote in the distance. Did I mention I saw one quite close up a couple days back? Of course, the ducks, hawks, geese, herons, and blackbirds are a dime a dozen.

Today: 9007 steps/ 3.7 miles
AT: 186.15
YTD: 283.25

Margaret said...

Wow, Claire, that's a lot of steps :). And wonderful wildlife, Val. Walking with my sis has made me aware of a lot of the birds I dismiss out of hand. Like she had only ever seen one yellow-headed blackbird before. Now she's seen at least 20 ;).

Steps: 10920
Total Miles: 4.3
AT: 156.06
YTD Total: 220.64

Went walking with my older sis in the morning and we saw not only the goslings but a large (about 10) group of little tiny ducklings that were just adorable. Then my two sisters and I went walking again in the late evening, only my youngest was on rollerblades because with her back issues it helps more than walking :). A little bit of hilarity occurred, but not much on the visuals since it was dim enough for everything to look pretty much the same, though we did see the gray-backed ducker under duck again. Turns out we have at least 4 different duck species, not including the grebes that haven't come back yet this year.

neils said...

Ok, Pittsburgh turned out to be a lot more walking than I thought. Also I learned never to trust Southwest Airlines and never,never stop over in Phil. Had a one hour delay going both ways!

The hotel was 1.3 miles (as mapquest says) from CMU, but as parking was non-existant and we are foolish, we walked to campus on Sunday to get the lay of the land, and with some other exploring did about 3 miles. Did I mention walking on concrete is no fun.

Monday with the campus visit and tour we did about 5 miles. Weather in the high 60's to low 70's was very nice. Good college visit, but David was more impressed than I was, which is good as he is the one going to this place. Best line of the day was when were sitting in on a ChemE class tought by a femal professer. One of the visiting parents stuck their head in and asked if this was the ChemE class. She responded: "I guess I just don't look the part, imagine me whiter, maler, and grayer." Did I mention walking on concrete sucks!

It's always interesting to get different opinions. Bonnie had asked me to check about the safty of the campus, as it is in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. So as we were walking to campus I stopped and asked a beat cop what he thought. He said in no uncertain terms that we would never want any of his kids to go to school in Oakland, then qualified as maybe go to school, but ever live there. Of course everyone on we talked to on campus claimed to never had any problems or know of any. So your mileage may vary.

Total: 8
AT: 231

Bonnie said...

I stayed off my knee on Sunday: ice and a little stretching.

Yesterday was groceries and housework for about a mile.

AT: 101.7
ytd: 151.0

Jean said...

Here's a catch up post:

Today's steps: 7703
Miles: 3.4
AT Total: 153.25 miles
YTD Total: 251.08 miles