Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 55, Thursday, April 24th

I managed not to post yesterday's steps, so this is another catch up post. I'm just not very with it right now.

Today's steps: 5887
Today's miles: 2.6
AT miles: 158.58
YTD Total Miles: 256.41


EJ said...

I have 7.7 miles in for the last two days.

AT: 103.3
YTD: 150.48

That puts me just past Brown Fork Gap Shelter.

Valerie Comer said...

A walk in the morning and another at noon, plus a busy day at work.

Today's steps: 11291/4.64 miles
AT: 199.72
YTD: 296.82

neils said...

Decided not to take a chance on meetings running through lunch, so ran first thing in the morning, 3.5. Had a little free time at lunch so walked 1 mile. Meet Bonnie after work and walked around the pond 2.5.

Total: 6
AT: 245

Bonnie said...

2.5 around the pond with Neil.

AT: 106.8
ytd: 156.1

That leaves me at the road where I can hitch into Franklin NC (ten miles away) or just keep going. It's still a few miles to the next shelter. I gotta pick up the pace...