Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 38--Monday April 7

Forgot to update my spreadsheet so will just report the 8114 steps here and do the math tomorrow. Been a kind of...scattered day. Finally got a good long stress-busting walk after supper. I needed it.


Margaret said...

Hugs on the stress, but at least the cause is a positive one :).

Steps: 11174
Total Miles: 4.4
AT: 112.02
YTD Total: 176.6

Got in a decent walk this morning, then had four loads of laundry to do, and then another walk in the afternoon. I think this is my highest day ever :).

neils said...

Hi Val, thanks for the invite. A few years ago I read the book "North by Northwest" which takes place during the French and Indian wars. One sequence in the book is based on the fact that there is almost no game to be found in NH and Mass. Now that I've lived here for a few years I discover that that is really true. There aren't many wild animals around here. All have migrated to some place warmer :)

But we do get a lot of wild turkeys. One actually hit a person on a motercycle and knocked them completely off. Broken bones but recovering.

Anyway ran 3.5 and walked 1.5, fairly normal day, but tired from the weekend.

Total: 5.
AT: 147

neils said...

oops, its too early in the morning. I meant "The Northwest Passage". At least I knew it was something with North in the name:)

Bonnie said...

Our usual 1.6 mile walk, plus half a mile for the groceries.

today: 2.1
AT: 84.1
YTD: 127.4