Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 42--Friday, April 11

Yesterday I was editing, so I sat in front of the computer all day, and the only exercise I got was from banging my head on the table. (Long story.) Today was sunny and not too cool, so I decided to walk the two miles to work. Between the walk there and back, and walking at work, I'm at 6 miles for the day.
AT: 77.6
YTD: 124.78

That puts me out of GA! Woohoo! I'm just past Sassafras Gap, NC.


Valerie Comer said...

Hey EJ, good to see you!

I went for a walk this morning, and in the afternoon I did an hour and a half of yard work which translated into some steps as well.

Today: 8604 steps/ 3.54 miles
YTD: 248.45

Margaret said...

Nice work you guys :).

Steps: 11800
Total Miles: 4.65
AT: 127.64
YTD Total: 192.22

Today I got two two mile+ walks because Colin was feeling up to it. Oddly, I'm sick…just a cold but dragging a bit. I forgot to mention the new birds we have and this morning two had become four. They're skinny long legged water fowl with carrot topped heads and a white body with grey wings. Very cute looking :).

Bonnie said...

LOL, EJ, I had a day like that on Wednesday. My sympathies.

I seem to have just posted my Friday mileage to the Thursday note, so I'll repeat it here:

AT: 90.2
ytd: 133.5

If I were really out on the trail, I would have put on a push to get to Carter Gap Shelter at 90.0. Though from what I've been reading about mice and bears, I might be better off out here beside the trail...

neils said...

Started regular Friday golf, so 2 miles there. Went for a walk at lunch, on my way back ran into a bunch of people from work who had the same idea so went on a longer then expected walk 2.5 miles.

In the evening a 1 mile walk with Bonnie. She is waiting to go on today's walk so no time to talk :)

Today: 5.5
AT: 175.5

meowser said...

I had to work today, which is unusual for a Friday (although it will very soon be normal) so I didn't get a walk in. But I did do plenty of walking at work. Spread out campuses mean lots of walking. Too bad they are scaring the ducks away so there is no more wildlife to enjoy.

Friday: 2.9 miles
AT: 114.2 miles