Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 40--Wednesday April 9

Decent walk in the morning, 7774 steps/ 3.2 miles
AT: 143.4
YTD: 240.5


Margaret said...

Steps: 9818
Total Miles: 3.85
AT: 119.24
YTD Total: 183.82

Two walks today. Saw more quail and caught a glimpse of the heron in the distance, but mostly just plodding. It's cold here again. This morning the sidewalks were slick with ice and I almost fell several times. In the afternoon, it was just cold.

neils said...

The radio refered to it as milky sunshine. An interesting phrase. But it was cool and over cast in the morning. I had noon meetings so had to work out early.

Rode the stationary bike 10.63.

Today: 10.63
AT: 162.5