Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 59--Monday, April 28, 2008

Is your weather strange this spring? It's strange here. Today we had cold, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, hail, sunshine, and tonight it's supposed to freeze. All since 5:30 this morning. I managed 2.75 miles today, between bible study, errands, and putting my house back together after a long weekend with company.

AT: 115.3
YTD: 162.48

BTW, has anyone heard from Mar?


Jean said...

As far as I know, Mar is fine, but I haven't talked with her recently.

I still feel crummy but not as bad as last night. Your well wishes must have helped.

6920 steps today
3.05 miles
AT miles: 170.56
YTD Miles: 268.39

Valerie Comer said...

Hey EJ, Mar checked in just yesterday. And yes, we're having a strange spring. We're practically a month behind in regular spring weather.

Went for my usual walk this morning and a bit at noon hour. In the evening we walked with our daughter-in-law, niece, and neph-in-law, so I got lots of steps:

Today: 12133 steps/ 4.99 miles
AT: 214.31 miles
YTD: 311.41

Margaret said...

I'm back! I'm back! My sisters came to visit and I didn't keep up with anything :).

Glad you're feeling better, Jean.

Steps: 9984
Total Miles: 3.93
AT: 174.69
YTD Total: 239.27

Two walks today and a lot of miscellaneous pacing/running errands. Did get to see the goslings which are growing up very quickly. Oh, and a snowy egret, the first of the season. Otherwise though, it was all the standard complement :).

neils said...

Lots of general screw up's, but the end of it all was that today was a recovery day. Ran an easy 2 miles. I'm now in Pittsburgh for a conference, looks like no place to run near here. I'll let you know tomorrow what the hotel Gym is like :)

Total: 2.0
AT: 276.5

Claire said...

It's weird weather here to. The other week we had temps in the 80s, now this week they are calling for snow in higher elevations. (Luckily where I am I shouldn't get any - it's already cold enough. Got my polar fleece pjs back out.)

Didn't get a chance to put in in my spreadsheet yet, but I got in 7716 steps yesterday.

meowser said...

I had an interesting long weekend.

Wonderful morning walk on Saturday. Nice weather, good pace. 3 miles

Sunday I didn't get my walk in because my husband was sick and I didn't want to leave him alone for that long (he had fainted the night before). Luckily he's doing better now. 1.13 miles of activily around the house.

Monday was a shopping trip with my mom. We both had a successful shopping trip with lots of sales items (many of them half off). Sadly I forgot to wear my pedometer. So I'm going to estimate 1.5 miles. I'd like to think that's a low estimate, but I fear it's not.

AT total: 159 miles