Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 61, Wednesday April 30

Morning walk, noon walk, and a little evening walk for a total steppage of 10274/ 4.22 miles.
AT: 221.87 miles
YTD: 318.97


Margaret said...

Steps: 3528
PED Miles: 1.35
Non-PED Miles: 2.07
Total Miles: 3.42
AT: 178.66
YTD Total: 243.24

Finally got to use my non-ped column…but not for a good reason. I forgot my pedometer today. It was miserable, cold and windy. If I'd had my ped, I would have cut my walk short. As it was, I had to go the full way, because otherwise I wouldn't know what to count :P. I don't remember seeing anything interesting except a new species of diving duck. We have probably 5-8 different species in our pond. I had no idea ducks were so varied. The afternoon walk was much the same and left me with a tickle in my throat and a cough :p.

neils said...

Still cold in Pittsburgh and I didn't bring and sweats, so road the bike again. A different bike so different milage, go figure? Said 5.5 for a half hour. Managed to sneak out for 2 half hour walks.

Should be going home tonight.

Total: 6.5
AT: 290

Bonnie said...

Monday, 1.5 miles shopping with Kat and .5 miles doing groceries and that sort of stuff, for 2 miles.

Tuesday: day off, yoga.

Wednesday, 3 miles at the baseball game. These seats are on the opposite side of the stadium from Kat's seats, which added half a mile each way.

So 5 miles since I posted last.

AT: 118
YTD: 167.3 at the end of April.