Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 91, Friday May 30

I've got 3.5 miles since the last report, with a couple of low-mileage days while my foot was bothering. But I'm back to normal now and hope to get some longer walks over the weekend.

AT: 181.0
May: 62.0
YTD: 229.4


Valerie Comer said...

Forgot to check in on Thursday, but I had a good day--a walk in the morning, another walk at noon hour, a whole bunch of wheelbarrow trips across the yard hauling grass clippings to become garden mulch, and an evening walk.

Thursday: 12165 steps/ 5 miles

Today, a morning walk and a busy afternoon of canning asparagus pickles and freezing packages. Then Jim aired up my bike tires and greased the gears, so I had to take a spin. All the miles together came to 5.37.

AT: 333.1
YTD: 430.2

Now that I have my bike on the road, look out, Neil. I'm motoring now!

Margaret said...

Steps: 7087
PED Miles: 2.79
Non-PED Miles: 1.5
Total Miles: 4.29
AT: 254.62
YTD Total: 319.2

Today I actually took a real walk once, though shorter than usual, then I took a mini walk at night and also did 30 minutes on the WII which I'm counting as the equivalent of 1.5 miles since that's how much I walk. Since we got the WII Fit, I'm getting more of a workout for those 1.5 miles than normal walking though, and it's fun :D. I'm trying to get back into walking and reporting consistently. I fell out of the habit with my convention trip last weekend. And not this but next weekend, I'm gone again :p. Ah, summers. Gotta love them because hating is just too miserable a state ;).

Bonnie said...

Asparagus pickles???

Valerie Comer said...

MMMM yes asparagus pickles... :D