Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 64, May 3

Golf this afternoon, so 3 miles in cold drizzle with occasional wind, generally rather nasty. I had some lovely drives, but the rest of my play (and my score) sucked mud through a straw. And it wasn't the fault of the weather, unfortunately.

AT: 123.1
May: 5.1
YTD: 172.4

I think I'll double back and spend the night at Cold Spring Shelter. I might not come out tomorrow...

Here's what the shelter looks like in good weather.


Margaret said...

Steps: 10949
Total Miles: 4.32
AT: 189.64
YTD Total: 254.22

A plot walk that included an excursion to a yard sale, then running errands around town including Costco. We did do a mini walk at the end of the day, but just to the mailbox :).

neils said...

Good to be back home, but boy is it raining right now.

Friday was a fairly normal day, ran 3.5 and walked with Bonnie 1.5

Saturday I was a linesmen for the soccer game, mostly standing around for 70 minutes with occasional sprints. I guess 1.5 miles. Then played golf with Bonnie 3 miles.

Total: 9.5
AT: 304.5

meowser said...

Wow, I've been MIA for a while. My husband got sick, then I got sick, then I had 2 days of all-day training that started very early (and I was still recovering from being sick). So not a lot of walking.

Saturday, I got a nice morning walk in even though it was drizzling and depressingly gray. I have never enjoyed a walk more after the week I had.

Saturday: 4.25 miles
Friday: 1.34 miles
Thursday: 2 miles
Wednesday: 2.27 miles
Tuesday: 1.91 miles
Monday: 1.5 miles

AT Total: 171 miles

Jean said...

Not too bad a day. Most of my walking is related to shuffling stuff around the house in preparation for the packers to arrive on Wednesday morning, but I have been making a point to head out for a one-mile walk at least once during the day (usually at half-time of one of the NBA games).

8699 steps
3.84 miles
AT miles: 187.74
YTD miles: 285.57