Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 86, Sunday May 25

Didn't do enough walking Saturday to mention. I crawled back into bed after Jim left for work and never really got a walk in. Today was different, though. Got my regular walk first thing, then in the afternoon we went for a geocaching hike. (Photos In My Little World.) Very steep! It seems like it ought to be more than 4.75 miles for the day, but...that does match what the trailhead said!

AT: 310.94
YTD: 408.04

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Jean said...

(Note: If you saw my deleted comment from yesterday, this is it. I can tell that being retired makes it hard to know what day it is. I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly I've adapted to that aspect of retirement.)

I got up and did a 2 mile walk in the morning. Still getting familiar with the streets in this new town. Then, I did normal moving in stuff throughout the day. Lastly, I mowed the front yard, and that really bumped up the steps to a new personal best.

14873 steps
6.57 miles
AT miles: 266.73
YTD miles: 364.56

I think my reporting has been irregular, because I haven't gotten a system down. Since I'll spend the summer commuting between here and San Antonio, I'm not sure when I will get a system down, but at least I have a system that works for recording steps and miles each day. I'll be checking in here as I can.