Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 73, Monday May 12

The rainy weather they were calling for today ended up not happening, so I got two walks in with nice weather. Went for one on my lunch break with the hubby, then another after work.

Steps: 10209
Miles: 5.1045
AT total: 152.9275


Margaret said...

Steps: 8144
Total Miles: 3.17
AT: 216.37
YTD Total: 280.95

Two walks to day, both a little shorter than normal because on top of this nasty not being able to breath problem, I've apparently sprained the muscle of my inner thigh. Didn't even know I HAD a muscle there, but it makes walking funky. But thanks to the saving grace (?) of laundry, I still got a decent amount of walking done today.

neils said...

Two posts for Monday? That must mean it was Monday :)

Any rate, another standard day, was cold (50 degrees, remember when that was warm) and windy. Ran 3.5, walked 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie.

Total: 5.0
AT: 357

Bonnie said...

Yuck, Mar, you're really having a rough time of it. I hope that cold goes away soon so you can breathe!

I had a usual Monday: half a mile of groceries and such, and 1.6 with Neil in the evening. That puts me at Sassafras Gap Shelter. This is what it would have looked like in April, if I had been there when I should have been there if I were going to finish the AT in a season.

Ah well. May is a lot greener. *plods onward*

today: 2.1
AT: 141.4
May: 22.4
YTD: 189.7