Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 80, Monday 19 May

1.6 miles for our usual walk, plus .7 miles of errands (slightly more than usual).

today: 2.3
AT: 156.0
May: 37.0
YTD: 204.4


Valerie Comer said...

My reporting hasn't been going so well, but then...neither has my walking. It was garden days at Chez Comer--lots of hard work but not a lot of steps equals lots of heating pad on the back. And today (Monday) we moved Hanna and Craig home for the summer and I forgot my pedometer. I'm giving myself the 2.5 miles for the day because I did a zillion runs up and down the stairs at their (former) home and a lot of steps in the corridor of the storage unit.

Now trying to get back on track.

AY: 289.3
YTD: 386.4

Margaret said...

Hugs, Val. It was probably a lot more than just 2.5 miles :p. But glad that you got the move done.

Steps: 5253
Total Miles: 2.07
AT: 230.65
YTD Total: 295.23

Well, I went for my morning walk this time, only I cut it short to make sure I didn't overdo it. Then I did a lot of walking doing laundry, but never got an evening walk because of the Booster Club meeting at school. Sigh. Not even close to the minimum.

neils said...

The day started out beautiful, so I stopped at the golf course on the way to work to take a walk, pound the ground with my clubs and generally do silly things. But it was 2 miles. Ran 3.5 at noon and walked 1.5 with Bonnie in the evening. It was very windy by the end of the day and cold. Certainly exciting to watch the end of the no hitter on TV after we got back.

Total: 7
AT: 403

Bonnie said...

Hugs Val, that sounds painful. I'm glad you got them safely back home and I'm sure you got way more than 2.5 miles. And hugs Mar, you'll get better one of these days...

And just to clarify for anybody who might be discouraged -- Mar's "minimum" is her personal minimum; there are no minimums for the trail. If you can only manage a quarter of a mile a day, that's still progress and goodness and you will finish eventually and be in better shape than you would have been without walking. (Mar will too :D)

Margaret said...

Thanks and good point, Bonnie. If I don't have a specific minimum set, I know myself and I'll walk less and less each day because of the time it takes away from my work. By having a minimum of 2.5 and a goal of 4, I make sure I stay out there :).

meowser said...

It's been way too long since I reported in. 2 weekends ago, I drove to Virginia for my sister-in-law's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful location. I took my pedometer, but didn't wear it anywhere - it really didn't go with any of my outfits. I wish I had had more free time because we were in a beautiful area to walk around - but I had no time.

After we got back from Virginia, I had one good day of walking. And then I took a whole bunch of time off to heal from a diverticulitis flare-up. I tried very hard to avoid going to the doctor and I appear to have succeeded!! Yay me!

So now I feel good and back to normal. My pedometer is clipped onto my waistband and I am ready for another day. No big walk planned for today, but I do get a fair bit of walking in at work.

AT: 189.2 miles