Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 79, Sunday 18 May

Steps: 6031
Total Miles: 2.36
AT: 228.58
YTD Total: 293.16

I swear it wasn't planned to match my distance exactly. Today I did walk. One stroll through an airconditioned mall then a short walk around our complex. Still not up to the minimum, but I'm getting better.


neils said...

An uneventful day, walked around the pond 2.5 (good back to back walks for Bonnie). Than 3 in the afternoon.

Total 5.5
AT: 396

Bonnie said...

A nice walk around the pond, followed by coffee. And I'm over 200 miles for the year!!! Better get moving if I'm going to make 50 miles for the month, though...

today: 2.5
AT: 153.7
May: 34.7
YTD: 202.1