Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 77, Friday May 16

Ah, a warm sunny day. A walk in the morning and some shopping with my daughter and niece this afternoon.

Today: 7951 steps/ 3.27 miles
AT: 284.25
YTD: 381.35


Margaret said...

Steps: 6920
Total Miles: 2.73
AT: 223.86
YTD Total: 288.44

Yay! Look at me! I actually did one real walk today then a bunch of pacing about. My new inhaler is working. I can breathe. Still low energy though so not going to push for the 4 miles for a bit. On the other hand, I think we've learned to wait until later in the evening for our evening walk. At 86 and bright sunlight, I think I've got a sunburn and mild heatstroke :p.

EJ said...

Glad you're feeling better, Mar.

I've done 16.5 miles this week. That's 166.15 on the AT, and 213.33 YTD. That puts me almost to Shuckstack. I have a busy weekend, so I may make it to Mollies Ridge Shelter by Sunday evening.