Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 78, Saturday 17 May

The rain pulled out early but the soccer games Neil was supposed to referee were canceled anyway, so we took advantage of the unexpected freedom to head to the mountains for a hike. We went up Timber Camp Trail, a moderately steep route that follows a former logging road. Nice views. Good exercise. Three miles each way, total six. I also had 1.6 miles from yesterday that I hadn't reported yet.

Friday and Saturday: 6.6
AT: 151.2
May: 32.2
YTD: 199.6


Margaret said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful, Bonnie :).

Steps: 6046
Total Miles: 2.36
AT: 226.22
YTD Total: 290.8

Crazy errand day. Never got to do any walks at all but still almost made the goal :P.

neils said...

Friday played golf 2, went for a walk at noon and again in the evening for another 3.

Bonnie doesn't give her self enough credit for Saturdays hike, was over 800 feet of evelation gain. Saw lots of animal scat, and mouse tracks, but no actual animals. Lots of wild rasberry starting to bloom along with trillium and lots of other neat flowers. I know Bonnie took some pictures and will probaby post them later.

Two day total: 11
AT: 390.5

At some point I seem to have passed the last North Carolina shelter, on to Virginia!

Claire said...

Was feeling kind so-so yesterday, so I only managed 3796 steps (for 1.898 miles). Most of that was from doing laundry, otherwise I probably wouldn't have broken 1k on the step count. I did get 14k worth of steps Friday though. My mom came up and went to the Lilac Festival with us, then the two of us walked around campus before write the night away.

AT Total: 176.06