Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 62, Thursday May 1

A walk in the morning and random more steps over the course of the day. Apparently even loading up a car for a ROAAAAD TRIIIIPPP adds up steps :D I'm sure my count will be much lower tomorrow as I'll be spending way too much time in the car.

Today: 9687 steps/ 3.98 miles
AT: 225.86 miles
YTD: 322.96


Margaret said...

Steps: 9668
Total Miles: 3.81
AT: 182.47
YTD Total: 247.05

Managed two walks despite it being Thursday. Didn't notice anything interesting on either…the first was a plot walk with me figuring out my first story for May and the second I was talking with my husband :).

neils said...

It was only 43 degrees and spitting rain, but I had to get out of the hotel, so went for a run. Turned out there was a big office part on the hill behind the hotel, ran about 3.5 miles, nothing but cars and bleery eyed commuters. Walked a mile during lunch break and another half in the airport and getting to the car. A minor miracle the plane arrived 30 minutes early!

Total: 5.0
AT: 295

Bonnie said...

Couldn't walk today because the foot I hurt Monday was really acting up after all the pavement walking for the ball game. I tried the exercise bike but the flexing motion on the pedals hurt. Sigh.