Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 85, Saturday 24 May

Neil and I drove up to the mountains, where we hiked to Greeley Ponds. I made it all the way to the upper pond, a total of about 7 miles, in less time than it used to take me to do three miles.

We saw a beaver dam and house, a couple of birds, a flying critter that we think was a bat, and lots of pretty flowers.

edited to add: Neil says I forgot some mileage. 1.5 on Friday night, after we got home from dinner, and half a mile short on yesterday's hike. Corrected numbers:

AT: 171.5 173.5
May: 52.5 54.5
YTD: 219.9 221.9

Which puts me only A mile short of Mollie's Ridge shelter. I should be past that tomorrow.


neils said...

For some reason Bonnie has been short changing herself the last few days.

Friday we walked a mile before dinner (along Boston Harbor) and then did 1.5 after we got back. Total walking 2.5, I also played golf in the morning for another 2.

Friday 4.5

Saturday hike was 7.5, when we got to the ponds we noticed the river crossing was really low, but the pond was really high. A quick observation showed a very nice beaver lodge and dam at the end of the pond. Unfortunately no beaver was spotted.

Total: 7.5

Did 3 miles of golf already on Sunday, but probably going to walk later so I'll record that tomorrow.

Two day total: 12
AT: 445

meowser said...

Friday was a lovely morning walk sans ipod. And then a lot of walking at work for a total of 5.4 miles.

Saturday was entirely just regular walking. Went to a movie before work and then walked a whole lot while at work. It seems that I'll get a lot of walking in when trying to put out fires. Not real ones. 4.88 miles.

AT total: 207.5 miles!

Jean said...
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