Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 63, 2 May 2008

Half a mile this morning doing errands, 1.6 miles in a pleasant mist for our usual evening walk, 2.1 total. Foot still hurts doing certain things, but fortunately okay for walking. I don't know what I did to it...

AT: 120.1
May: 2.1
YTD: 169.4


EJ said...

How did it get to be Friday?? How did it get to be MAY?! What happened to April? Jeezypeetes, I must be getting old.

I can't remember what day I posted last, and I'm to lazy to go back and check. This week I've done 16.5 miles. That puts me at 126.05 on the trail and 173.23 YTD.


Margaret said...

Hugs on your foot, Bonnie, and I'm right there with you on the month, EJ.

Steps: 7248
Total Miles: 2.85
AT: 185.32
YTD Total: 249.9

Hmm, I'm lucky I got over the minimum today. Totally forgot about a second walk because it was opening night for my oldest son's play and a programming issue grabbed all my other time. This morning was once again a plot walk with my head in the clouds, but I got a story out of it :).

Jean said...

Yay, Maripat. Hope your son's play went well.

I had a surprisingly good walking day today, AND I took myself out for a walk in the evening (Hershey would be proud).

Today's steps: 11301
Today's miles: 4.99
AT Miles: 183.9
YTD miles: 281.73