Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 67, May 6, 2008

I need to switch my calender to May, I got confused at first with the day/date count then realized I was looking at April.

Today I got in 9145 steps between walking at lunch and general walking around at work, for 4.5725 miles. Yesterday I managed 11105 steps 5.5525 miles, I'd walked on my own after work, then the hubby and I went shopping when he was done with work. We walked around the mall, Staples, and I walked around Michaels (yay for more beads). When I was finishing my walk around campus I saw a duck when I was returning to my office. It was funny, he was more interested in his reflection in the glass then he was me. Poor thing probably thought it was another duck.

AT total: 133.1575 :)

At some point this week I'll update the map again.


Jean said...

I'm ready for the packers tomorrow except for tearing down the bed, washing a few odds and ends, taking out the trash, and disconnecting the washer and dryer. I need to sequester Natasha in the bathroom to keep her from getting packed, too.

Today's efforts at packing prep netted lots and lots of steps:

12131 for 5.36 miles
AT miles: 201.65
YTD miles: 299.48

Margaret said...

Steps: 8981
Total Miles: 3.48
AT: 200.36
YTD Total: 264.94

Woke up with a sore throat and kind of drifted my way through my morning walk, though I think I might have seen the ducklings. Met a friend on the path who says the weird birds from yesterday were cormorants. Then a short walk at night and more ducklings.

Oh, and look...I've passed 200. I'm actually lost. Have no idea where I am on the trail. Just trudging ahead one step at a time.

Bonnie said...

You're just past Mt. Collins Shelter, Mar. The view where you are probably looks something like this this morning.

Had our usual evening walk last night, not much more. So 1.6 for the day.

AT: 131.1
May: 12.1
YTD: 179.4

Margaret said...

Thanks Bonnie. That's a beautiful view.

meowser said...

Monday was a nice, beautiful morning walk. Again without the ipod (by choice). 3.2 miles

Tuesday was a long, early day of a class and errands. I forgot to wear the pedometer, but I've been doing this enough to reasonably estimate 1.5 miles.

AT: 178.7 miles

I'm going away this weekend for a wedding in Virginia. There should be some beautiful walking, but I won't be posting here. I might get a post in on Thursday morning before we head out, but I tend to doubt that.

Keep walking!

neils said...

Forgot to post this morning. Yesterday was the usual, ran 3.5, walked with Bonnie 1.5

Total: 5
AT: 321.5