Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 72, Sunday May 11

Happy mother's day to all the mothers, people who have mothers, and people who might be mothers in the future.

Played golf with Steven and Neil today; we had gorgeous weather and I got a nice sunburn :) So 3 miles.

today: 3
AT: 139.3
May: 20.3
YTD: 187.6


Margaret said...

Hugs on the sunburn, but glad you had fun, Bonnie.

Steps: 7135
Total Miles: 2.81
AT: 213.2
YTD Total: 277.78

Crazy day. My in-laws were visiting, but they've gone now. Spent the morning rushing through a game of mini-golf before their plane (and I did horribly so volunteered to run off and pick up a pizza we'd ordered), did errands through the afternoon and ended up taking a short walk after dark so didn't see anything much at all...except two teenagers playing basketball on the kiddie playstructure in the twilight. Odd things come out at night ;).

neils said...

Well blogger ate my comment, so trying again.

As Bonnie said, we golfed 3 miles, then walked 1 before bed.

I've noticed this year that the morning sounds of owl hooting have been augmented by the warble of wild turkeys. Definitely getting crowded out there.

I was off in my estimate of how close to Virginia I was, still 100 miles to go, but only 20 miles from going over 6,200 feet.

Total: 4
AT: 352