Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 89, Wednesday May 28

Got my morning walk in, then some walking over noon hour.

Today's steps: 8901/ 3.66 miles
AT: 322.73
YTD: 419.83


neils said...

Another beautiful late spring day, played golf first thing in the morning 2 miles. Than rode the stationary bike at noon (not much free time only 20 minutes) 7.48 miles.

Total 9.5
AT: 470

neils said...

Oh my goodness, I must have missed the trail sign, but I'm in Virginia! Saunders Shelter to be exact.

I think that this is the unofficial 1/4 of the way mark. Of course you don't get out of VA till you are half way done. But at least it looks like real progress and people say the trail is easier in this state.