Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 82, Wednesday 21 May

This is going to be my last post for a bit, though I'll still try to track so somehow it is fitting for me to start the thread :). I'm off to BayCon until Monday.

Steps: 6633
Total Miles: 2.61
AT: 235.97
YTD Total: 300.55

Two walks today, both short ones of about 1 mile, then an event at school where I didn't walk nearly as much as I'd expected, but at least I got over 2.5. Oh, and look at that! 300 miles for the year :).

Hope you all walk well while I'm gone.


neils said...

Sore hamstring, so I'm going to try just riding the stationary bike for a few days. This happens from time to time, never quite figured out the cause.

Total: 11
AT: 420

meowser said...

Two days of just normal walking.

Tuesday: 1.9 miles. I actually walked more, but I didn't have my pedometer on all of the time because I forgot that I put it in my jacket pocket.

Wednesday: 3 miles. All just normal walking around work! It's amazing how much walking I do since we moved the weekly staff meeting across campus!

AT: 194.1 miles