Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 68, May 7, 2008

Not to many steps today, only work related walking. Lunch plans got switched around, so the hubby and I watched some old Doctor Who while eating, and after work I updated the map and vegged online. We did a little grocery shopping, so I did a little walking around the store. Hubby and I have freezies, and the kitties have more food.

Miles: 2.6225
AT Total: 135.855


Valerie Comer said...

Here I am! I brought the excel spreadsheet along on my vacation and finally tonight got M Office installed on my new computer so I could get the calculations done and check in. I've missed you guys :)

Friday (travel day) 2672 steps/1.1 mile
Saturday (random shopping) 9094 steps/ 3.74 miles
Sunday (random shopping) 9469 steps/ 3.89 miles
Monday (shopping, tour of university campus) 14006 steps/ 5.76 miles
Tuesday (hiking around an island) 19217 steps/ 7.9 miles
Wednesday (recovery day!) 5308 steps/ 2.18 miles

AT: 250.43 miles
YTD: 347.53

Margaret said...

Wow, Val, that's quite some catchup you did there :). Glad to see you made it safely...and apparently are having a grand time :D.

Steps: 6194
Total Miles: 2.44
AT: 202.8
YTD Total: 267.38

Sigh. For the first time in May, I failed to make my minimum. I'm sick, but mostly it's because my oldest was sick then bounced back with the resillience of the young. I walked him into school to sign in for a half day, picked up my other son from school for a doc appt, and then dragged myself through a short walk with my husband in the evening. We did see one duckling who could swim incredibly quickly though.

neils said...

Ran 3.5, not much to report, the cat is trying to bring down one of those big wild turkeys. I think he is going to loose this battle, but just in case we might buy a bigger stew pot:)

Total: 3.5
AT: 325

Claire said...

Nice to see you again Val, and that's a nice mile count you have. :)