Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 70, May 9, 2008

Walk at lunch, another after work, and when we were at the in-laws I went with my mother-in-law walking the dog. Much better then the 4k yesterday.

Steps: 10010 (00000 binary)
Miles: 5.005
AT total: 143.281


Valerie Comer said...

Yesterday Hanna and I did a bunch of little walking bits and today we did Butchart Gardens.

Thursday: 12060 steps/ 4.96 miles
Friday: 11424 steps/ 4.7 miles

AT: 260.09
YTD: 357.19

neils said...

The weatherman promised a big rainstorm, but it fizzled. So managed the usual 2 miles during golf, and then road the stationary bike for 20 minutes 7.41 miles, rounded to 7.5 with the jog over to the gym.

Total 9.5
AT: 339.5

The end of the Carolina's seems in sight.

Margaret said...

Steps: 9867
Total Miles: 3.89
AT: 210.39
YTD Total: 274.97

Took a short walk with hubby in the morning, but it was closing night for my oldest's play so no time to walk in the afternoon. However, we went to Denny's following the play as is tradition (the cast goes and we watch them ;)) and my youngest and I walked home so I ended up with decent mileage.