Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 76, Thursday May 15

Walked in the morning, walked at noon, busy day at work. Net result?

Steps: 9856/ 4.05 miles
AT: 280.98
YTD: 378.08

Looks like I'm a stone's throw from Spring Mountain Shelter on the Tennessee/ North Carolina border. Cool.

The temperature around here has shot up from about 55F to over 80F. Where are the fans? Why isn't the air conditioner hooked up in the bedroom? HOTTT! (not really complaining, I'll save that for next week...)


Margaret said...

I think the double Monday confused me cause I stopped reporting all together, not that I have much to report, but here's Tuesday-today:

Date: 05-13-2008

Steps: 4195
Total Miles: 1.65
AT: 218.02
YTD Total: 282.6

Took one walk with Colin, a short one cause I ran out of breath. I was wrong…breathing is a little important after all :p.

Date: 05-14-2008

Steps: 4847
Total Miles: 1.88
AT: 219.9
YTD Total: 284.48

Still on the limited walking. Nothing interesting to note :p.

Date: 05-15-2008

Steps: 3122
Total Miles: 1.23
AT: 221.13
YTD Total: 285.71

Another mini walk and that's it. My total might have been a bit higher cause I ran errands, but I forget my pedometer and haven't a clue.

Bonnie said...

today: 1.6
AT: 144.6
May: 25.6
YTD: 192.9

I gotta get me one of them pedometer thingies, 'cause I'm sure I walked another mile just buzzing around the house today.

neils said...

Sore hamstring time, seems to happen from time to time, but I road to stationary bike 10.49 and walked 1.5 with Bonnie in the evening.

Total: 12
AT: 379.5

Today was David's last day of school, so its be kind to Bonnie Day.