Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 81, Tuesday 20 May

Ran the usual 3.5. David had Tri-M tonight, it's a music honors society. Since he had to be there 30 minutes before us, to save on taking two cars, he dropped Bonnie and I off at the coffee shop about 2.5 miles from school and we walked in.

Total : 6
AT: 409


Bonnie said...

As Neil said, 2.5 walking to the ceremony etc. I also had a mile on the exercise bike and half a mile of miscellaneous puttering, for one of my better non-hiking days.

today: 4
AT: 160.0
May: 41.0
YTD: 208.4

Looks like I'm almost to the Fontana Dam Shelter, a place refered to in hiking blogs as the "Fontana Hilton." Maybe I'll stop for some fishing in the reservoir.

Margaret said...

Steps: 6869
Total Miles: 2.71
AT: 233.36
YTD Total: 297.94

Getting two walks in a day makes all the difference, but it's really hard to do this week because we have something to do at the school every single day. Crazy.

Jean said...

It's been forever since I've been in a position to report in, but I've continued hiking the trail.

Here's the latest:

5834 steps
2.57 miles
AT miles: 248.72
YTD miles: 346.55

I've been walking around my new town in the morning and getting a feel for distances.

I also have been mowing a half acre lawn and fighting to get it in shape. I've been walking boxes in from the garage and putting them in the house. I'm getting some unpacking done.

Love the new town. We'll spend most of the summer commuting back and forth between here and San Antonio -- not sure what the fall will bring. I think I can really get used to this retirement gig.