Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 12

I don't mind posting first every day. I was just worried that people thought they had to wait for an "official" post or something.

I got 2.3 miles today, for 18.5 total.


EJ said...

Today: 1.6
Total: 17.9

Jean said...

EJ, so succinct. :)

8483 steps, 3.75 miles. Total miles: 39.45

3730 aerobic steps in 35 minutes

Valerie Comer said...

Nah, we're okay with you posting first, Bonnie. You're in the farthest east time zone, I think. So there's a certain amount of logic to your day being done first, too!

I'm still feeling kinda *bleh* but managed a decent walk this morning all the same.

7236 steps/ 2.7 miles
Total: 33.6

Margaret said...

Bonnie, you're just the first to see the sun set :). You did a great job with the mileage today.

Steps: 7113
Miles: 2.8
Total so far: 30.62

Took a long walk in the morning and got to see the great blue heron for the first time this year. Swan is still in residence as well as many muskrats, ducks and Canadian geese (they say to say hi, Val ;)). Only a short walk tonight though, and then my exercise period.

And hmm, no one else is making comments about HOW they're walking anymore. I find that part of the fascinating part, but I can stop too if everyone would prefer just stats.

Oh, and I'm usually the tail-end charlie on reporting...unless people forget.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing your comments about the natural things you see, Mar. Details of my walk would have included the quarter mile from the grocery store to the office supply store to pick up print cartridges for David's printer so he can get his science fair report done on time...

Valerie Comer said...

Mar, don't stop. Do you want to hear about the trailer court I decided to explore this week? :P

Wait, last week I saw deer tracks all over town, in the skiff of snow we'd had overnight. I guess I do have things to mention, if I just think about it!

Maripat said...

Gosh, I live in a boring town. No wildlife whatsoever. Do the screaming children and barking dogs count? No?

EJ said...

At least y'all go outside to walk. My walking is entirely at home or at work. The weather has been too crappy to get out lately, but today is warmer and the sidewalks have thawed so I may yet get outside.

Jean--I was succinct because the only other thing I could think to add was, "Pleh."