Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 20

The only way to reach parts of the Pacific Coast trail is
by seaplane. Did you see one today?


EJ said...

Is that what that was? It sounded like a C-130 so I didn't bother to look up. Those are as common as birds here. ;)

Random Walk Writer said...

I'll keep my eyes open for one. Though with our high here supposed to be 24 today, I'm not really excited about being out walking in the wind.

Jean said...

I've been missing them.

7800 steps for 3.4 miles

aerobic steps 1693 for 16 minutes. (Hmmm...some seem to be missing -- or maybe I walked Hershey too slowly)

EJ said...

The cold is back, and tomorrow is supposed to bring snow and sleet. Woo hoo.

Today: 1.35
Total: 34 even

Margaret said...

Steps: 3035
Miles: 1.19
Total so far: 55.61

Managed one walk today. Honestly don't remember too much of it :). On the other hand, thanks to a timely warning from Val, I managed a cloud-shrouded peek at the moon in its maroon robes.

Maripat said...

Today (technically, yesterday) I walked a lot to get my muse to settle down. 5 miless for 47 total.

Maripat said...

And thank you, Bonnie, for volunteering to work on the map.

Random Walk Writer said...

Darn it! My pedometer's off. It marked 1197 steps yesterday, which would be 0.4 miles.

But I walked Trevor to and from the bus stop (quarter mile each way, morning and afternoon = 1 mile), walked one lap around my block (another quarter mile), went grocery shopping (up and down each aisle, plus halfway across the parking lot twice, probably at least another quarter mile), and went to Trevor's skating lesson (only a couple hundred steps, across the parking lot). Oh, and up and down the stairs at home (40 steps round trip each time). So I have to have done somewhere between 1.5 and 2 miles.

I'm claiming 2, as on the 19th I also did Trevor to and from the bus stop, but didn't catch the discrepancy then.

Total: 26.4 miles

Bonnie said...

For various reasons, mostly related to getting up at 3:45 to drive Neil to the airport and then napping the rest of the day, I only got about half a mile.

So, up to 29.5.

Valerie Comer said...

Totally forgot to come on and post here last night.

6880 steps/ 2.6 miles
Total 59.6