Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 16

How's the weather where you are? We've got freezing rain. Again.

Today: 2.25 miles
Total: 28.65


Maripat said...

Catching up on tallies. 4 miles yesterday. 5 Miles today. Total so far 39. And gawd I am sooo tired tonight.

Jean said...

Yay, Maripat. Looking good, EJ.

Sunny and comfy here today. Hubby had thunderstorms and hail in Central Texas.

6807 steps for 3 miles. 3754 aerobic steps for 36 minutes.

Total: 55.1 miles

Margaret said...

It's so beautiful here that I've been taking catnaps in the sunshine...I may end up with a light sunburn and if so, I gave my youngest the right to laugh at me :). I'm impressed you're getting that much mileage with that weather to contend with, EJ.

Umm, that's a lot of miles Maripat, for yesterday even without the 5 on today. Jean? Wasn't the strip 49 and change? You coming back to help the rest of us :).

Steps: 9331
Miles: 3.68
Total so far: 42.48

Went shopping for clothes with the boys this morning and chose to walk between stores instead of driving because I was sick of being in stores :p. Then boys went off to friends houses and Colin and I went for a nice long stroll on the path. Saw wildlife and my summer walking partner so it was a lot of fun.

joyce said...

more sunshine, I love it. Feels like winter may eventually end after all.
today was 3.2 miles,
total 16.15 miles.

EJ said...

Margaret, if I hadn't worked so many extra hours this week, I wouldn't be getting this much mileage. I am surprised, though, at how much I can rack up just going up and down the stairs. I get more steps when I don't clean efficiently. ;)

*wanders off whistling 'Keep On The Sunny Side'*

Valerie Comer said...

Saturday: 11103 steps/ 4.2 miles
Total so far: 47.9

I think that means I've made Port Renfrew and can sleep in a snug bed instead of on the trail!

I went for my usual (weekend) walk to the end of our road and back and a couple hours later Jim said, 'Let's go for a walk,' so we did it again. There'd been a light skiff of snow so we could see clearly where the elk have been wandering our road at night. The neighbors left a few round bales of hay beside the road in the fall, and the elk have been enjoying them (many piles of elk fewmets). Joining the elk tracks were coyote tracks, mouse tracks, and tracks of a bird--maybe a crow.