Thursday, February 14, 2008

wow, I love a sunny day, though the melt, freeze, melt cycle can be a bit dangerous. Missy (my dog) & I walked 3 miles in the community forest (she was actually closer to 4 with all her running around) and I also walked 1.65 miles at the gym. I am still trying to get the pedometer to work for me with the outdoor walking, so I have had to use the highly technical skill of "guestimating", but I have measured this out before so I am pretty certain of it, and may even be a bit on the low side. At the gym, the pedometer is right on with the treadmill, so I am going to go with it.
2120 steps = 1 mile for me.

total today 4.65 miles
total to date 12.95 miles


Maripat said...

Walked 3 miles for a total of 30 miles so far.

Jean said...

Today was a busy day, and I got 13,072 steps. 5.75 miles.

Aerobic steps were 7674 and 69 minutes.

Total miles:49.8 miles (I think that means I started over -- I must have gone to fast and missed some gorgeous views, so I'm going back to check out more.)

Valerie Comer said...

Today: 9117 steps/ 3.4 miles
Total so far: 40.1 total

On the home stretch here. I guess I'll soon see Jean on the return trip!

Wow, Joyce, you are making up for lost time. Way to go!

EJ said...

Great job, Joyce and Jean!

I did 3.5 miles today and washed enough dishes to, uh, hmm. Well, we served 45 (I think) 4 course meals. My feet are tingling. I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Total: 24.9

Margaret said...

Wow you guys. I definitely meandered in comparison :).

Steps: 5682
Miles: 2.24
Total so far: 35.56

Sigh. I was on a roll. Made the minimum or more every day this week. However, I was on a mission to finish the Selkie edit so took a short walk this morning and today is my company day. Then instead of taking an evening walk, Colin made cheese and hot oil fondu for Valentine's Day dinner, which took longer than usual to eat (for obvious reasons ;)) so the evening walk never happened. Still it was a great day, so I'm not complaining...too much :D.

Bonnie said...

I got my mile and a half, though a lot of it was at the mall and running up and down stairs getting the house ready for Erin and Beth...

I'm at 21 miles now.