Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 7

I think we're all past the Pachena lighthouse by now. Nice in the summer, isn't it?



Jean said...

Lots of real walking today but not so much life walking.

Hershey and I walked a mile this morning. I walked two miles for office physical training this afternoon.

10,000 steps today, 4.5 miles, total mileage: 22.3 miles

For aerobic walking today? 6276 steps in 56 minutes.

Knees are sore tonight. MRI tomorrow afternoon on both (has nothing to do with our walking)

EJ said...

Not so good for walking, but I got two hours of writing in this morning!

Today: 1.78 miles
Total: 10.76

Valerie Comer said...

We had another 4-5" of slop overnight, making the sidewalks in town a real joy this morning. So I walked on the streets!

Today: 9753 steps/ 3.7 miles
total: 18.1 miles

Margaret said...

Steps: 5615
Miles: 2.21
Total so far: 15.98

I forgot to say that the swan flew off last night, and boy are they ungainly in the air, but it was back this morning, a tightly wound lump of white out on the ice. I didn't actually expect anywhere near reasonable mileage today since people came to me and I was with guests all day, but somehow, maybe just walking about the house a lot, I got a decent amount even without a second walk :).

Besides, I actually played my first song on the guitar with reading music and everything!

Bonnie said...

Achilles still bothering so I did yoga and a bit on the exercise bike instead, which I'm counting as one mile. Brings me to a total of 8.4.

Random Walk Writer said...

Managed one mile.

Total: 8.35