Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 3

I didn’t get any walking done yesterday. Life just happened. Today I was up early. I can’t say bright and early since the sun wasn’t even up. 2.5 miles complete. Oops forgot to mention my total is 5 miles.


Bonnie said...

I did 1.6 miles today, for a total of 4.2.

Random Walk Writer said...

I did a good bit of walking today, with trips to two different grocery stores and parking in the hinterlands of their parking lot. No exact count, though.

I *did* get a new battery for the pedometer, and it's been counting since I got home. I'm over 1k steps! I'll calibrate tomorrow.

Valerie Comer said...

Today: 6617 steps/ 2.5 miles
Miles to date: 8.2

Jean said...

Today: 5204 steps / 2.3 miles
Miles to date: 7.4

Margaret said...

Steps: 6252
Miles: 2.46
Total so far: 5.85

Went on the basic walk but with the extension up to the end of the asphault and then across the street to get pictures of a raptor we think was a red tail but didn't get close enough. The white swan is still in the pond and the ice has all melted from the pond. It's very moist right now and the soil off the path is supersaturated. I went on another walk just before the next snow storm and still ended up with less than 2.5. Then I did my shoulder workout on the WII (I play tennis) and still didn't make the 2.5, but I came awfully close :).

EJ said...

I've managed somehow to miss a whole day. Maybe when I've had another cup of coffee I'll figure out the problem. I bought a new pedometer and got an official half mile after 4:00. That's after going to church and the grocery store, so I know I did more than that, but I guess I'll chalk it up to non-productive dancing on the trail or ant stomping or something.

Is it desperate that I have my pedometer clipped to the belt of my bathrobe?

EJ said...

Shoot, forgot the format.

Today: .5 miles
Total: 1.5 miles

Man, that looks pitiful.

Margaret said...

Hugs on the missed day. I hate when that happens. And I'm suffering the opposite from you today (with the bathrobe). I'm wearing my cords today and they have "fancy" pockets. So I have to clip it to my belt instead and these are high waisted so the beltline doesn't move with my steps properly. I'm losing possibly as many as 1 of every 3 steps :P.

Valerie Comer said...

And here I would've thought the biggest need for us walkers (after the pedometer! :P) was good walking shoes. Apparently it is the right kind of pants for the pedometer to clip to.

EJ, what's up with wearing your bathrobe all day? O.o

Jean said...

Since we're doing true confessions, I pick it up when I get out of bed and set it on the counter while I take my shower in the morning. That's more pathetic than clipping it to the bathrobe.

EJ said...

LOL! I wasn't wearing my bathrobe all day. I wasn't even 7 a.m. here when I posted.

Jean, that's not pitiful--that's smart. That way you don't forget to put it on.

Margaret, I'd have changed britches and that's all there is to it.

Margaret said...

Thanks ej :). Other reasons keep me to a limited wardrobe and the options were in the laundry. But you can bet this is it for my cords for the next couple years. I'll wear them for formal occasions only :). My walk that I do have stats for and which is 1.14 miles came out to be .47. AAARRRGGGHHHH! (oh, and that .47 includes four loads of laundry too.