Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 10

To save Bonnie the trouble. :) How'd we do today?


Jean said...

Today was a light day. 5300 steps for 2.35 miles.

Of those, 3628 aerobic steps in 36 minutes.

Total: 31.6 miles.

Margaret said...

LOL, your light day is about my average, but I'm working on that :). Come summer I'll find it easier, but it was a balmy 60 degrees for part of today.

Steps: 7445
Miles: 2.93
Total so far: 24.72

Walked quite a bit today even though I only got one actual walk. Took a bit of a long walk with Colin in the morning, around the park as well as our normal path, then ran errands forever in the afternoon so we didn't get an evening walk like we normally do, but I got car sick because the car in front of us was leaking gas so Colin dropped me off about 4 blocks from home so I could get some air...and I used my new cell phone as an MP3 player for the first time. Took me a bit to figure it out, but then I sang the rest of the way home :).

EJ said...


1.5 miles
Total: 14.7

Bonnie said...

Thanks Jean :) I think I went to sleep in the cable car. Hope I didn't get in anybody's road :)

I got my usual 1.6 today, to go to 14.6.

Valerie Comer said...

Val's Sunday:

6004 steps/ 2.2 miles
Total: 28.4