Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 5

So did we walk today?

Here's what we might have encountered on the trail: so steep it takes a ladder


Bonnie said...

Did my usual 1.6 loop today, putting off the longer walk because of heavy rain.

5.8 plus 1.6 = 7.4

EJ said...

More better!

Today: 2.66 miles (that's 5622 steps and 231.4 calories)
Total: 6.56 miles

Jean said...

Oh, yes, I walked today. Staff meeting day -- two meetings. One in a completely different building too close to do anything but walk to -- twice, because they changed the time for the meeting and I didn't find out about it.

With the tree work, part of my fence is down, so I have to keep Hershey in the house -- two walks for him, and he didn't mind that I tagged along.

9300 steps for 4.1 miles. Total? 13.8 miles. (36 minutes and 3791 steps met the criteria for aerobic walking -- bonus)

Valerie Comer said...

What? Your dog lets you go for walks with him, Jean? Cool! Way to go on those many steps!

Great count, EJ!!

Hugs on the rain, Bonnie. Here it's snow. Again. Still. But it didn't start till after my walk this morning.

Today: 8185 steps/ 3 miles
Total: 11.4 miles

(Ack, Jean's ahead of me...)

Margaret said...

Wow, nice work you guys :). Yes, I saw that ladder and went EEP! but if I get to do part of the trail for real, you better bet I'll do it :).

Today is a milestone for me. First time I made the 2.5 goal!

Steps: 6368
Miles: 2.51
Total so far: 10.57 (Includes corrected numbers for yesterday.)

These are walking Jacob to the busstop and doing the mail walk with the asphault extension though no one about besides the normal critters. The swan was standing on one leg again and a muskrat was swimming around like 90% of the pond wasn't frozen over. And I did my WII tennis as well.

Maripat said...

I've been forgetting to post. My bad. I've been going on walks 2.5 miles a day.

Two days worth: 5 miles.
Total so far: 10 miles

Random Walk Writer said...

Did I walk? Barely. If I hadn't had the hall to pace in while waiting for the parent-teacher conference last night, this would be a really pitiful number.

Steps: 2726
Miles: 1
Total: 4.85