Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 13

How'd y'all do today? I was busy at work, and the weather improved for a minute, so I took advantage of it. I did 3.5 miles today, which gets me to 21.4 total. Tomorrow should be very similar. We're doing our Third Annual Valentines Dinner at The Day Job so I'll be hopping for several hours.


joyce said...

OK, I am finally back. I only tracked my steps in the airport, and the day we went to the wedding. too busy having fun all the rest of the time.
however, now I am home and am starting to get on track. Including the mile today, I am at 8.3 miles. The dog is loving this!

Jean said...

Not much aerobic progress today (1746 steps for 17 minutes), but despite frigid cold (33 degrees F -- I know you're all laughing, but I didn't expect it to be that cold in broad daylight, and I didn't take a coat to work today or wear a warmer undergarment than usual, so when I had to walk outside, I was chilled.)

But I digress. 10321 steps and 4.6 miles. Total miles: 44.05 miles

Jean said...

Welcome back, Joyce. I missed you. My dog loves this, too.

Valerie Comer said...

Welcome back, Joyce. Don't tell Jim about the dog...

That's plenty cold if you're not prepared for it, Jean.

Today's walk took me through a trailer court on a steep hill. Glad I don't live there and actually want to DRIVE on snowy days. That road is brutal.

Today: 8881 steps/ 3.3 miles
Total: 36.9

Maripat said...

3 miles today for a total of 27.

And yes, I almost forgot but Val poked me. Hey Joyce! Welcome back! And fantastic count there, Jean.

Margaret said...

Welcome back, Joyce. Wow, everyone did so well today. I'm with you on the cold, Jean, for half the day :p.

Steps: 6859
Miles: 2.7
Total so far: 33.32

It was warm in the morning, so warm I took off my jacket and tied it around my waist, but I had a lot to do today, so I took a short walk. Then it started raining and snowing so my hubby and I took a rather short walk at night, but my errands required a bit of walking which turned out all right in the end :). On the other hand, I have the inglorious honor of delighting my son's drama director by managing to come up with 5 separate outfits that met his criteria of 1970s wear :).

Random Walk Writer said...

So, um, last time I posted was for February 7th. Catching up all in one post rather than one at a time. And then I'll do the same next week after coming back from Boston.

2/8: 3769 steps, 1.32 miles
2/9: 7510 steps, 2.63 miles
2/10: 3305 steps, 1.2 miles
2/11: 601 steps, 0.2 miles
2/12: 250 steps, 0.1 miles
2/13: 3,000 steps, 1.1 miles

Total: 14.9 miles

It's possible that the counts on the 11th and 12th are low, as I noticed my jeans are fitting me more snugly. For the 13th, I switched to fuzzy warm-ups. Ditto today, but I'll be wearing jeans Friday through Sunday.

Bonnie said...

I didn't get a chance to post last night -- the "Parents to Work" night at the company where David interns turned out to be a major event complete with facility tours and dinner. I got about a mile just walking around the massive three-building complex (Raytheon's Netcentric division, if anybody cares). Which is good, because with the snow and sleet and heavy rain and freezing rain, I didn't get a chance to do any other walking. I did, however, get snow shoveling and lots of wetvac water removal in the basement...

Anyway, up to 19.5.