Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 8

I'm out of wise and witty things to say for the day, so I'll just start.

I walked my usual 1.6 mile loop today, bringing me to 10 miles total.


EJ said...

I'm posting early tonight. I'm tired and seriously considering curling up with a book for the remainder of the evening.

Today: 1.2 miles
Total: 11.96

Valerie Comer said...

Today: 11183 steps/ 4.2 miles!!!

Total so far: 22.3 miles

I guess I'm halfway down the West Coast Trail!

Jean said...

Yay, Val.

I'm at 8,000 steps and 3.5 miles today bringing me to a total so far of: 25.8 miles.

Margaret said...

Yeah, but considering you haven't been walking for a few days, that's a wonderful walking amount :).

EJ, I know how you feel. And we'll just ignore those two huffing and puffing way ahead on the trail :).

Steps: 5454
Miles: 2.15
Total so far: 18.13

Walked Jacob to the busstop and took pictures of the lake with my camera phone (low quality but at least I know how to use it now :)) and I can't get the pictures off because my card reader won't read. Then another walk with Colin that was about twice what recorded *shrug*. I'm hurting a bit today so I may have been light stepping or something so it wouldn't record. And did my shoulder workout on the WII. Don't think I'll make the overall goal for the week but I'm coming close.

Maripat said...

Congrats everyone! And wow, Val! Is that you up ahead jogging your way down the trail?

Catching up on my own: 2.5 on Thursday. And 3 miles for Friday.

Grand total: 18 miles.

EJ said...

It's OK, girls. Jean and Val can have the campfire going and coffee brewed when we catch up to them. :) Nothing like a nice cup of coffee while you wait for the coals to burn down enough to make s'mores.

Valerie Comer said...

Huffing and puffing indeed. Really.

Sure, I'll be on campfire duty. No problem. :)