Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Next walk

I propose is that we "section hike" the Appalachian Trail. This is a common way for people who aren't up for 8 miles a day backpacking to cover the trail, so we'll still be in the spirit of the thing. It'll give us some longer-term goals to shoot for, but hopefully not be so long that it's daunting. I'm thinking maybe 250-mile chunks, which should take 4-5 months to complete for most of us. (Jean and Val will, I assume, continue to lap the rest of the field :))

I don't think I'm going to be able to get the tracking stuff working for March 1, so maybe we can target just the first 50 miles next month. That will give me time to get the widget working and test it out.

Does that sound okay with everybody?


Random Walk Writer said...

And more like 7-8 months for me. :-P But I'm game.

EJ said...

Works for me. Our weather should be breaking soon, so I'll be able to get out more. Maybe I can catch up to the speedy twins a little. ;)

Jean said...

Sounds great. My mileage this month has been enhanced by my fence being down and having to keep Hershey in the house. That meant I HAD to walk him twice a day.

Of course, I'd been telling myself I SHOULD walk him twice a day for quite awhile, so I haven't minded that part of having the fence down.